Stuttering Therapy

Stuttering therapy at YouSpeak is about reducing stuttering’s negative impact on one's physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. We are focused on an individualized, holistic approach to stuttering therapy for individuals who stutter of all ages because we truly believe each person’s path is unique.

Goals include:

  • Increase communicative ease, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Increase participation in everyday life activities such as: participating in class, ordering at a restaurant, meeting new people, and talking on the phone
  • Increase general knowledge of stuttering
  • Improve self-confidence and overall sense of self
  • Empower individuals to advocate for themselves whether it be in the workplace, school, or in society as a whole
  • Grow confidence to be yourself
stuttering therapy in philadelphia center city

Philadelphia Office

At YouSpeak, we believe in taking therapy outside of the therapy walls and into the real world. Our downtown, Center City location allows us the flexibility to be steps away from many stores, restaurants, and coffee shops where we can work on facing our fears and working on our goals outside of the therapy room.
virtual stuttering therapy


Therapy is available virtually in select states through video calls, from the comfort of your home or office. Both individual and group therapy are available virtually.
group stuttering therapy

Group Therapy

Traditionally, stuttering therapy is conducted through individual sessions. However, at YouSpeak we believe that there are unmatched benefits to regularly incorporating a small group environment. Small group therapy has the power to create sustainable, long-term change through its added benefits of: peer support, accountability, motivation, and inspiration. Through a group model, clients become role models for one another and are validated in their pursuit of change.