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YouSpeak Philosophy

Stuttering’s impact on an individual can extend far below the surface of what is visible to others. In addition to communication, it can negatively impact a person’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

At YouSpeak, we believe stuttering therapy should reflect this – working towards reducing stuttering’s negative impact on all areas of life to create sustainable change.

We hope the path towards more comfortable, effective communication brings clients reduced physical struggle, but also addresses some of the less concrete, yet hugely pervasive elements of the experience of stuttering– feared speaking situations, reduced self-esteem, and overall outlook on life.

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Therapy Outcomes

Communicative Effectiveness

Increased communicative ease, efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

Reduced Struggle

Reduced physical struggle (tension), reactivity, pattern-based avoidance behaviors, and fear.

Reduced Fear

Reduced fear leading to increased participation in everyday life activities and expansion of comfort zone.


Improved self-confidence and overall sense of self, increased knowledge, resilience, and self-advocacy abilities.

Individualized Plan

Therapy focused on YOU.

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We meet you where you are...

Stuttering therapy at YouSpeak is about reducing stuttering’s negative impact on one's physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

We are focused on an individualized, holistic approach to stuttering therapy because we truly believe each person’s path is unique—and your therapy should be about YOU.

You won't find a 'fix it' promise or endless short-term use techniques or tools here. In fact, you don’t need anything in addition to what you already have. Rather, we’ll learn to unravel things that we’ve developed to cope that are no longer helpful— that are contributing to the struggle, resistance, fear, and avoidance cycles that keep us feeling ‘stuck.’ Through an ARTS®-based lens, we’ll focus on more effective, efficient, and enjoyable communication, develop a greater sense of self-acceptance, and simply, do more of what you want to do in life with stuttering no longer leading the way.

Our Therapy

What We Offer

We offer stuttering therapy to individuals who stutter of all ages.

While many aspects of stuttering transcend across the age span, there are many unique needs to consider when working with young childhood or preschool stuttering, school-age stuttering, tweens and teens who stutter, as well as adults who stutter.

Individual and group-based therapy available along with caregiver education and support.

Young Childhood, Pre-Schoolers

Individualized family-centered approach for preschool children.

School-Age, Tweens, and Teens

Holistic stuttering therapy that meets the unique needs and ages of school-age, tweens, and teens who stutter.


Meeting the unique needs of adults who stutter to reduce stuttering's overall negative life impacts.

Group Therapy

Groups provide opportunities for support, accountability, mentorship, & community.

Hear from our clients...

For most of my life I was a covert stutterer, which I grew extremely frustrated with. In my efforts to hide my stutter I wasn’t able to communicate what I truly wanted to say. I reached out to Sara and I am eternally grateful for the help and guidance she gave me. Since she is a person who stutters as well she was able to understand me on a personal level. The shame I used to feel when speaking has now turned into confidence. I can’t thank her enough for helping me get to a place I never thought I’d reach.

Ellie, 32


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YouSpeak Stuttering Therapy is an organization dedicated to providing person-centered, individualized stuttering therapy for individuals who stutter of all ages in Philadelphia and virtually in select states.




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