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Age, 34
“Sara has helped me become much more confident in my voice. With her holistic approach towards stuttering, we’ve been able to focus on many aspects of communication and as a result my stuttering has improved tremendously. As a medical student with a severe stutter, I had been very self-conscious about how I speak especially in the hospital. While working with her I find I’m able to communicate more freely and therefore be a better listener to my patients. Our work in releasing the burden of stuttering has allowed me to more fully engage with the world. Thank you!”


Mother of a teen
“Meeting Sara for our family, was like meeting an angel! She was a “real life” example of all the things that our son thought were impossible to achieve….independent, successful and most importantly happy! Being a person that stutters makes the ‘every day’ simple tasks of life, seem insurmountable….a phone call, ordering lunch, raising your hand in class, a conversation with a stranger OR friend. Sara puts all of those things in to perspective and together, with my son, they set goals and made a plan to help deal with those challenges. Together they’ve ‘ventured out’ into the “real world” and met some of these challenges head on. Sometimes the goals change, sometimes the outcomes are tough, sometimes it’s frustrating and sometimes it’s just funny! But ‘together’ is Sara’s secret weapon – she approaches the life of a stutterer TOGETHER with her clients! She’s amazing and I can’t imagine our life without her!”


Age, 20
“Right from the start, meeting Sara put me at ease. Seeing for myself that going through everyday life with a stutter doesn’t have to be something scary. Sara’s patience and understanding makes our sessions very comfortable. Her focus isn’t how not to stutter, its more how to communicate with a stutter. When I am not able to meet with Sara in person she is always available for virtual sessions which has been perfect for me when I’m away at college. I knew since the first time we met that Sara was going to help me become the person I want to become. Sara will help you focus on whatever you feel like is making you a better and more confident communicator, but most importantly what you are comfortable with. Before I met Sara I would never call places on the phone or order my own food at restaurants. Sara made that possible. She has also made many other once feared situations become fears of the past. I am forever grateful for meeting Sara because she truly has changed my life and is helping me become the communicator that I want to become.”
stuttering treatment mom and young son


Age, 42
“I am a person who stutters and I have been to numerous speech therapists and in and out of speech therapy for years now. I had the good fortune of meeting Sara through mutual friends. I have taken weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly tele-therapy sessions with Sara. She is wonderful! She gets it! She is a thoughtful and phenomenal SLP and confident. Her insight into situations/feelings around stuttering and the nuggets of wisdom, on top of her expertise, that she shares are invaluable. Living out of state, tele-therapy has allowed me to continue with, or follow-up with Sara when I feel the need. Thank you for your excellence and care walking with me and all of those lucky enough to know you on our stuttering journeys!”

Kelli & Todd

Parents of a 3 year-old
"Sara helped our child go from tearful refusal to speak, to joyful freedom in speaking. Infinitely more, she has given us our lives back. When our child first refused to speak due to his extreme frustration with stuttering, we read countless articles and consulted every listed Fluency Specialist in Pennsylvania for help. We chose to work with Sara not only because she is highly recommended, but because she is also an individual who stutters. To us, there is no one more qualified and equipped to help others who stutter, than someone who has experienced it firsthand through a lifetime of stuttering. We experienced positive changes after our first session with Sara. After approximately two months of working with her, our child is eager to speak; in fact, he loves to speak. He loves to tell us stories, all about his day, his thoughts. I believe she has been so effective because of her unique ability to combine the complex clinical knowledge with her understanding of what it is like to be a person who stutters, and her unparalleled empathy, kindness, and acceptance. In addition to being the utmost professional, Sara is flexible, down-to-earth, and easy to work with. She is always willing to make time in her schedule to meet with us more frequently when we are facing particularly challenging times and when we described the difficulty we had in finding other families of children who stutter to connect with and learn from, she connected us with several right away. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Words fall so short in describing our intense gratitude to Sara."


Age, 26
“During each session, I not only benefitted from Sara’s expertise but also from the empathy and compassion that she brings to every interaction that you have with her. Whatever my goals with therapy are, whatever my progress with how I feel towards my speech is, Sara always injects her knowledge and care to help me move forward to, ultimately, live a fulfilling life in which speaking is not something to fear and feel hopeless about but an opportunity for appreciation and enjoyment.”
stuttering treatment adult man


Age, 36
“I was fortunate enough to meet Sara MacIntyre after many years away from speech therapy. Thanks to Sara, I’ve become far more comfortable with my stutter and my communication skills. Sara’s smart, thoughtful, and patient manner has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. I’ve opened up to lifelong friends about my stutter for the first time, and I’m able to confidently deliver high-stakes presentations to C-suite clients. As Sara has often said, what I have to say is far more important than how I say it. With Sara’s help, I now believe that.”
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