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Stuttering’s impact on an individual extends far below the surface of what is visible to others. In addition to communication, it can negatively impact a person’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

At YouSpeak, we believe stuttering therapy should reflect this – working towards reducing stuttering’s negative impact on all areas of life to create sustainable change.

We hope the path towards more comfortable, effective communication brings clients reduced physical struggle, but also addresses some of the less concrete, yet hugely pervasive elements of the experience of stuttering– feared speaking situations, reduced self-esteem, and overall outlook on life.

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I'm Sara, the founder and director of YouSpeak Stuttering Therapy, a practice dedicated to providing person-centered, individualized therapy for those who stutter of all ages. Through a blend of personal and professional experiences, I hope to help you find your path towards change— a path no longer directed by or defined by stuttering.

As I too am a person who stutters, I understand the pervasive impact stuttering can have on a person’s life firsthand—an impact that can extend far beyond the physical moments and permeate into countless other aspects of life. Not only can stuttering impact our overall sense of self, our outlook on life, the potential to be who we want to be, and to do what we want to do, but it can also affect the everyday tasks that people take for granted—ordering a coffee, reading aloud in class, introducing yourself, or picking up the phone...

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Virtual Therapy

Individual and group stuttering therapy services are available virtually from the comfort of your own home.


Individual and group stuttering therapy options are available in-person in Center City Philadelphia for all ages.

Group Therapy

Group stuttering therapy available for school-age children who stutter, teens who stutter, adults who stutter, and parent support.


One-on-one or group training for speech-language pathology professionals, CEU speaker in Philadelphia or virtually.

During each session, I not only benefitted from Sara’s expertise but also from the empathy and compassion that she brings to every interaction that you have with her. Whatever my goals with therapy are, whatever my progress with how I feel towards my speech is, Sara always injects her knowledge and care to help me move forward to, ultimately, live a fulfilling life in which speaking is not something to fear and feel hopeless about but an opportunity for appreciation and enjoyment.

Natalie, 26


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YouSpeak Stuttering Therapy is an organization dedicated to providing person-centered, individualized stuttering therapy for individuals who stutter of all ages in Philadelphia and virtually in select states.



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